Aug 30, 2012 02:22 pm
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An actual cobra brought into a night club by a ‘dancing’ girl arrested:

The day before yesterday, a dancing girl had taken a snake to a night club and the crowd had got boisterous to see its sight. This dancer who is said to be performing at the same night club every day had taken a snake and announced that she will be performing a snake dance. Surprising the audience, she had taken a real snake to the club to perform her dance item.

She had danced around the tables carrying the snake which had made the audience silent while drawing the attention towards her and the snake in particular.

She had trying taking the snake close to the viewers which had scared them and the audience had started shouting and they have started to run here and there. The crowd has requested the owner to take the snake away. In reply, the owner of the club had said that:

“There’s nothing to worry, as the snake is used to her”
Even though, the owner tried consoling the crowd, there was no way for the crowd to protect themselves from the danger. Finally one person had called 119 to inform the Police that a snake is brought to the night club and that their lives are in danger.

Kollupitiya Police had raided the club and arrested the dancer with the snake. It was revealed that the dancer is a resident of Pilimatalwa. Investigations are carried out to find how she had been looking after a snake while working as a permanent dancer in the club.

As it is reported, due to competition among the night clubs in Kollupitiya, the “snake dance” had been used as a technique to draw the crowds. This night club had been accused of selling liquor past the mid night which is illegal.

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