Oct 13, 2012 01:08 pm
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The daughter and her mother travelling on a motor bike had collided with a Tipper

 The mother’s head had got severed from her body. The daughter had been screaming carrying the mother’s head saying ‘what she should do’:

In Periyamulla area in Negombo, a few days ago a daughter had taken her mother on the pillion of her motor bike to take medicine for her. After a collision with a tipper her head portion had got severed from her body. She had been carrying the mother’s head while screaming and crying asking for help as to ‘what she should do’.
The accident had occurred close to the Periyamulla traffic lights. When she was approaching the traffic lights the driver of the Tipper had told her loudly by scolding her in dirty words as well, to take the bike away from his path. When she took it to a side the Tipper had collided with the bike and rider, daughter had been thrown away has sustained only minor injuries while the wheel of the Tipper had gone over her neck while the mother was fallen on the road. As a result her head had got completely severed from her body.
Both the motor bike and the Tipper had been coming from Chilaw side towards Negombo. The deceased is 59 years old, Jasintha Iranganie , a resident of Prison road, Kattuwa, Dalupotha. The daughter is 21 years old Niluka Damayanthi. The Police have taken into custody the Tipper and the driver. The Negombo Police has been conducting investigations.

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