Bhagya in love with Kataragama priest's son
Sep 09, 2013 03:38 pm
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Bhagya in love with Kataragama priest's son

Well known young actress Bhagya Gurusinghe has fallen in love, Sri Lanka Mirror hears.

It is said that she has thus fallen in love with Piyushan Rathnayaka, the eldest son of a priest in Katharagama devalaya.

It is also said that Bhagya's mother is very fond of her "about to be " son in law and the same is with Bhagya.

And their love story has taken roots during a shooting of a visual in a song, reports say.
Sri Lanka Mirror would like to offer our warm wishes to this charming couple and also wish that the song of their new life to be a famous one too.
The visual of the song..

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